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Veniños - Venezuelan Children in Need - is a UK and US registered charity, dedicated to improving the lives of street and shanty town children in urban Venezuela. Veniños has no religious or political affiliation. read more

Machu Picchu Trek: 3rd - 12th September 2010

The original Inca Trail Challenge - said to be one of the top ten trekking trails in the world with breathtaking scenery and mysterious Inca sites. It could be the challenge of a lifetime and, in the process, you will help improve the lives of street and shanty town children in Venezuela. Why not sign up today?

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“Dodging dog-shit” (and bullets)

27/06/2010 05:12 PM

I have spent the day in La Moran. Damp is coming thru the wall of the small chapel in the house; rain water is not being channelled properly in part due to dumped rubbish further up the hill by other neighbours.  Some people expect the nuns to contribute to the cost of taking larger items […] read more

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