UK: Registered charity number 1099517
USA: Tax exempt 501(3) (c) status - EIN 20-4711927

About Veniños

School children

Veniños - Venezuelan Children in Need - is a UK and US registered charity, dedicated to improving the lives of street and shanty town children in urban Venezuela. It has no religious or political affiliation.

The funds raised by Veniños will be used to support projects run by well respected NGOs operating in Venezuela.

Our mission statement

To aid and protect disadvantaged children and young people from the poor urban areas of Venezuela

In order to fulfill our mission statement, Veniños will, at any one time, be doing some, or all, of the following:

  • Fundraising in order that we can offer financial support to Projects run by NGOs in Venezuela.
  • Supporting and undertaking social development activities to aid and protect street and shanty town children and young people in urban Venezuela.
  • Identifying areas of need, and facilitating access to expert training, in those areas where local staff and volunteers could benefit, so as to optimise the use and impact of their skills and resources.
  • Helping local organisations to maximize their potential through co-ordination of volunteers and support services.
  • Responding to group/individual appeals for help with humanitarian aid, whether that be shelter, food, clothing, medical supplies and/or any other assistance.
  • Responding and co-ordinating activities, as required, in the event of a natural disaster, or other crises, in Venezuela.